Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Smartskills Bits & Bytes (P) Ltd.(Formerly known as Bits & Bytes Computers) also took lead and contributed in helping the urban poor by counseling and mobilizing them so that they get the benefit of undergoing skilling and other benefits under various Govt. schemes. For the same we have campaigned door to door and did one to one counseling apart from doing mass counseling in their localities.

We had also helped the children of urban poor in facilitating their registration for employment purpose at the local employment exchange.

Skilling “Rag Picker” women from slum areas:

          *  A group of 60 rag picker women were mobilized from the slum areas of Raipur district of C.G.

          *  They were trained on the job roles of “Sewing Machine Operator” and “Street Food Vendor” .

          *  Apart from domain training they were counselled to follow healthy habits like self hygiene and to stop using tobacco products like Gudakhu & Khaini etc.

          *  They were trained either to run small business or to take-up domestic worker’s job.

          *  They regained their self respect and self confidence to earn a sustainable livelihood, there by living in the civilized society with honor.


Transforming “Rag Picker” women


Skilling domestic women workers

“Sangwari Project”

          *  A group of domestic maid servants of Raipur were trained in the job role of “Housekeeper cum Cook”.

          *  They were trained in handling modern gadgets of guest houses , hotels and big modern bungalows.

          *  Apart from the above they were also trained in handling the basic cooking in an efficient manner.

          *  These candidates were counseled to practice personal hygiene in addition to good manners and etiquettes like dressing sense and communication skills .

          *  Majority of them were placed in Hospitality Sector like Gust Houses , Rest House, Govt. sponsored food outlets & Community Hall etc.



Rehabilitation Training to Left Wing Extremism affected candidates

          *  A group of educated youth from insurgency area was trained on the job roles of IT, Non-voice BPO, Back Office and Data entry Operator etc.

          *  The candidates were given expert counseling to become responsible citizen as well as useful person for their families , society and the Nation.

          *  They were given special training to become emotionally mature and to live with self respect.

          *  They got jobs in the organized sector .



“Skill Saathi” Scheme:

Organized Pan India career counseling through skilling ecosystem to the school dropouts and college students under “Skill Saathi” Scheme.