Skill For Placement Abroad

Skill For Placement Abroad


*  The first and the for most required skill is the advance technical skill being used in the advance countries.

*  Orientation of digital eco-system.

*  Specialised working knowledge and experience in domain job role like IT, Hardware, Logistics, sales and Service Sector.

*  Exposure to work place environment and interpersonal skills.


Apart from above one must have the knowledge and exposure of following behavioural soft skills:

*  Mobility and Adaptability.

*  Progressiveness, Foresightedness and will to win attitude.

*  Deep understanding and respect to ethical and moral values the country and the group dynamics.

*  Strong set of Emotional, Spiritual and Intelligence Quotient.

*  Strong will power to accept global challenge and survival in the diversified global society.

*  Excellent communication, skill decision making skill and team leadership.

*  Deep sense of sacrifice, integrity, ownership brotherhood and respect to the law of the land.