Leadership in Skill development – An approach

We believe that the Leadership can be associated with a vision and risk taking appetite of an organization for taking an early entry in the new domain where there are not many players in the scene.

Smartskills Bits & Bytes (P) Ltd.(Formerly known as Bits & Bytes Computers) was started in year 1991 and ventured into imparting skill development training in I.T. informally. Govt. of India for the first time launched its Skill development policy in the year 2009. With our vision and belief we took an early advantage of becoming a Vocational Training Provider (VTP) in May 2010 under Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDI). With this formally we entered into the formal skill development framework of Govt. of India and were among first 3 private VTPs in the State of Chhattisgarh thus maintaining our leadership in taking early initiative in the new arena.

After 5 years in 2015 we identified Logistics as one of the fastest growing sector and hence took leadership by becoming an Authorized Training Partner of Logistics Skill Council, the only institution in Chhattisgarh and among few in Central India. Within a span of 3 months we could enroll 802 candidates for skill development training in Logistics job roles.

We have maintained our leadership position among vocational training provider by signing MOU’s for more than 1000 on the job training for our students.

The best practices that has been developed on how to produce the better training outcome to maintain our leadership position are

*  Training curriculum aligned as per National Occupational Standards and duly approved by the respective Sector Skill Council.

*  Regular ongoing Trainers Training Programs to update and upgrade the competency of a trainer on various skills.

*  Conduct of open house and student feedbacks.

*  Model tests and assignments before the final assessments for better outcome.

*  Industry visits and On the Job Training.

*  Expert faculties both from Academia and Industry for the skill development training of these candidates were deployed

*  Skill development training cannot be complete without providing On the Job Training (OJT) and placement support to the students.    Therefore we have signed MOUs with leading organizations for providing more than 1000 on the job training opportunities to our      candidates so that they get practical/real time corporate exposure and thus helping in their placements as well.