Let’s talk in English

Let’s talk in English

Short Description: - This foundation level English speaking course “Let’s Talk in English” is an ideal online course for students and professionals aspiring to speak English fluently. Our English speaking classes are filled with short activities and English conversation, to practice the English language in day to day activities such as shopping, going to the bank, speaking on the phone, talking about clothes etc. in addition, every English Speaking lesson includes a practice dialogue, follow-up activity and chance to write and practice your own dialogues.

What you will learn:

          *  Various skills (folds) of a language.

          *  Personality value system, their resources and skill of expressing self.

          *  Power of analysis, observation and description.

          *  Place of stay, understanding natural and social eco-system.

          *  Hobby, IQ, EQ & SQ.

          *  Professional personality and work place ethics.

          *  Conversation modules in different occasions and portfolios.

Scope & Job opportunities: - Demand in Professional career and Personal life too.

Eligibility: - 12th and above.

Duration: - 50 Hrs. (Including 1 Subject Of Soft skills)

Fee: - Rs. 3999/-

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