Decision Making

Name of the Course: - Decision Making

Short Description: - It is very essential for students, Professionals, Businessmen, entrepreneur and research scholars to take frequent, quick and accurate decision after critical thinking to solve their problems.

Critical thinking The application of scientific methods and logical reasoning to solve problems and take decisions – is the foundation to the effective problem solving and decision making process. Critical thinking enables us to avoid common obstacles in taking proper decisions, pertaining to professional and personal life.

It helps in brainstorming process for prioritizing problems, getting its solutions and take accurate decision.

What you will learn:

          *  Why and when decision

          *  Types of decision

          *  Factors effecting design.

          *  Critical thinking and problem solving

          *  Decision modules

Scope & Job opportunities: - In Corporates, Govt. jobs, Professional fields & day to day life.

Duration: - 20 Hrs.

Fee: - 1500/- as an additional subject.

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