Skill For Placement Abroad

Skill Required For Placement Abroad


  The first and the for most required Skill is the advance Technical Skill being used in the advance countries.

  Orientation of Digital Eco-System.

  Specialised working knowledge and experience in Sectors like IT, Hardware, Logistics, Retail and Service Sectors.

  Exposure to Work Place Environment and Interpersonal Skills.


Apart from above one must have the knowledge and exposure of following behavioral Soft Skills:

  Mobility and Adaptability.

  Progressiveness, Foresightedness and will to win attitude.

  Deep understanding and Respect to ethical and moral values of the country and the group Dynamics.

  Strong set of Emotional, Spiritual and Intelligence Quotient.

  Strong willpower to accept global challenge and survival in the diversified Global Society.

  Excellent Communication Skill, Decision Making Skill and Team Leadership.

  Deep sense of Sacrifice, Integrity, Ownership Brotherhood and respect to the law of the land.